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Jewish Peoplehood

Jewish Peoplehood

Over the years, the Yaacov Herzog Center has developed seminars for groups of educators, families, young people and adults from the Diaspora. Through field trips, study and in-depth acquaintance with Israeli society and Jewish tradition, participants engage deeply in questions of contemporary Jewish identity, "Jewish Peoplehood,” Jewish culture and their connection to both the Land and State of Israel.

Birthright” Groups

Every year, the Yaacov Herzog Center hosts a number of “Birthright” groups for a Beit-Midrash learning experience, the study of Jewish texts in small study groups and in the larger group forum. The group also meets with the young women from the “Tzahali” pre-army Academy or with members of the “Ofek” (“Horizon”) program for students from the former Soviet Union, to hear about their lives in Israel.
“Ofek” (“Horizon”) Program – A unique program for post-high school and post-B.A. Russian speakers to strengthen their Jewish identity and familiarity with Israeli culture. These young people come from the Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union to the Yaacov Herzog Center for a year of study and experience in a dormitory setting. The program has been in operation since 2003.

Encounter with Israeli Society

Year-round, the Center hosts groups visiting from the Diaspora, including teachers, communities and families. Each uniquely tailored program, created in response to the group’s interests, needs, and requests, includes experiential and study sessions, and first-hand encounters with Israeli society and with themselves. While some sessions take place at the center, others are held off-site, sometimes in nature or at an inspiring historical location, adding additional dimensions of depth and connection with Jewish identity to the Israel experience

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