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Teen Encounters

Teens are at the point in their lives where they want to develop their own unique character and identity, while also being part of a larger group. They are also passionate about correcting the wrongs that they see in society and assure a brighter future.

The Yaacov Herzog Center has taken on an important role here as we meet a few thousand teens every year for a series of encounters (including seminars, study days, volunteering, educational experiences, values clarification, Jewish Israeli identity, and leadership).

We work with religious and secular teens from all over the country; at times together and other times separately. Activities occur on our campus, at youth villages and schools throughout the country, and at a variety of settings where students experience Israel first hand.

Supported by a generous grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

To learn more about the different projects:

"Looking to the Future" - Clarifying Jewish Identity and Learning Leadership Skills
"Leading Together" - religious and secular teens
Jewish Israeli Identity for Teens - Youth Villages
Bnot Mitzvah Program - Mothers and Daughters
B'Nachat (In Moderation) – A New initiative to develop an atmosphere for dialogue and listening in State Religious Schools

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