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Beit Midrash

Beit Midrash learning is a traditional way of learning that often occurs with a study partner (chavruta). Together the pair reviews a variety of commentators and also raise their own questions. Through give and take they propose answers that they think best answer the issues raised and often realize that there are not always complete answers.

Israeli Batei Midrash, in addition to looking at traditional texts often includes texts from modern literature and popular culture. This type of learning in the chavruta setting or between the group and the teacher/facilitator develop on three levels; an internal dialogue that each student has with themselves or at times with their learning partner, an often heated discussion with the text, and a discourse among the group. This enables each learner to develop a personal connection to the text as well as recognizing that there are a diversity of views.

At the Yaacov Herzog Center we organize and implement a variety of Batei Midrash.

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