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Tzahali Campus


Tzahali is continuing to grow.  Over 100 participants are starting the Mechina in September 2017.  They will be in three groups on two campuses. Two are on Ein Tzurim and one is on Masuot Yitzchak.  For the first time, part of Tzahali will also be a Midrasha.  Midreshet Roni, as part of Tzahali in memory of Tamar, will be opened at Masuot Yitzchak.  Within the next couple of years the Midrasha will enable us to develop a special program for army alumni.

We are thrilled to inform you that this is enabling us to establish a new campus for Tzahali.  Masu’ot Yitzhak, the moshav which has hosted Tzahali since the Mechina began with 18 women in 2006, has designated land for a building that will allow Midreshet Roni to grow and serve 100 women within the next few years.  Mechinat Tzahali will also continue at Kibbutz Ein Tzurim and another 80-100 women learning in the program there annually.


Tzahali is named in memory of Tamar Ariel and the Ariel Family has been working with us for many years. Tamar Ariel, was the first religious woman combat navigator in the Israeli Air Force. She excelled both in her duties as an officer and in her religious observance as she successfully combined her identity as a woman and a religious person, with her meaningful and trailblazing service in the IDF. She served with valor during the 2014 "Tzuk Eitan Campaign" on the Gaza border.

Tragically, Tamar died in a snow avalanche in Nepal in October 2014, but her unique character continues to be an inspiration for many, both those who knew her and those who learned about her after her untimely death. Tamar is an inspiration for many young religious women.

We recognize the great responsibility we have been given as well as the huge inspiration that we received. Tamar learned at Tzahali during 2009-10 while recovering from a severe injury she suffered during a plane crash while on active duty. She has become a symbol for young religious women who want to serve Israel through meaningful IDF service while staying committed to a religious Jewish lifestyle.

As mentioned Tzahali’s first class in 2006 had 18 students. As Tzahali begins its 12th year in September 2017 the program will have over 100 students. Since its inception more than 450 young women have graduated from Tzahali.  About 25% of them become officers in the IDF and Tzahali graduates serve in all types of IDF units. Upon completion of their army service Tzahali participants have gone on to study in university and become an integral part of Israeli society.


It is now the right time to build a new campus for the Academy. We have prepared the foundation to start this important undertaking, which will secure the future of Tzahali for many decades. Your support is very important for our success as it is a sign that there is strong support for religious women who view their mission to serve meaningfully in the IDF andto subsequently be totally involved in Israeli society and fulfill their obligations as equal citizens of the State.

For more information about giving opportunities for the Tzahali Campus in memory of Tamar Ariel, please contact
Dr. Gary Coleman,
Yaacov Herzog Center Director of Resource Development
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