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The Yaacov Herzog Center staff writes articles on a multitude of contemporary and historical Jewish issues and subjects. It provides a vehicle for us to spread our unique voice of Jewish pluralism from an Orthodox perspective and is one of the ways we interact with the Jewish world. We believe that in this way we are able to continue learning with the students who attend Herzog and also reach an audience that does not attend our classes.

By translating some of the articles, our unique voice on Jewish issues is available to our English speaking family members so we can also have a discourse with you.

Some of the issues and subjects our staff has written on include:

Belief, Current Events, Education, Eretz Yisrael, Halacha, Jewish Calendar, Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish Values, Leadership, Lifecycle, Medinat Yisrael, Tanach, and Tfila

"The Book of Naomi" \ Na'ama Alfasi-Weiss

Dances Secular and Holy / Hagit Bartuv

Dvar Torah Parshat Kedoshim / Hagit Bartuv

Dvar Torah Parshat Shmini/ Dr. Gabi Barzilai

Yafet in the Tents of Shem / Dr. Gabi Barzilai

Counting the Omer – Between Exile and Redemption / Dr. Gabi Barzilai

The “Sandwich” on the Seder Plate / Dr. Noach Hayut

"Deep Calls to Deep" / Dr. Haggai Misgav

The Contemporary Passover Sacrifice / Rabbi Ilay Ofran

The Omer Period / Rabbi Ilay Ofran

Dvar Torah Parshat Vayikra/ Rabbi Ilay Ofran

  Dvar Torah for Parshiot Tzria and Metzora /Yafit Kleimer

On the Lost Esther, and Us \ Chana Pinchasi

Leadership and the Joy of Passover / Avram Stein

Learning a Secret from Pharoah's Daughter  / Dr. Gili Zivan

What is Heroism? \Dr. Gili Zivan

Esther – From an oil bath to leadership / Dr. Gili Zivan

Parshat Balak / Hagit Bartuv

Parshat Chukat / Gabi Barzilai

Parshat Matot- Two banks of the Jordan? /Gabi Barzilai

Parshat Masei /Hagit Bartuv

Parshat Vetchanan – Every addition, subtracts? /Rabbi Ilay Ofran

The purpose of stipulations in the observance of mitzvothStudyin Parashat Ekev/ Gili Zivan

Parshat Ki Tavo- Blurring the Happiness and the Exactness of Pain /Rabbi Ilay Ofran

Parashat Vayeshev:  The Challenge of Recognizing /Dr. Gili Zivan

Parshat Miketz – Pharaoh's Dreams /Dr. Gabi Barzilai

Parshat Bo – It is Prohibited to "Miss-Out" (Ma-chmitz)/ Rabbi Ilay Ofran

Purim – A Festival that Breaks with ConventionGili Zivan

 Parshat Pikudei - Know your Place/ Dr. Noach Hayut

Parshat Chukat/ Gabi Barzilai

Parshat Va'etchanan/ Rabbi Ilay Ofran

Parshat Ki Tavo/ Rabbi Ilay Ofran

Parshat Netzavim/ Dr. Gili Zivan

Pasrshat Breishit – The tree of knowing good and bad/ Yafit Kleimer

"Yafet in the Tents of Shem" – Modern Judaism and Jewish Hellenization/ Dr. Gabi Barzilai 

Parashat Vayeshev: The Challenge of Recognizing/ Dr. Gili Zivan

On the Lost Esther, and Us \ Chana Pinchasi

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